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Homeowner Warranties

When purchasing a new home there are many options for additional purchases, including home warranties. While certain types of loans (FHA and VA loans, for example) require a home warranty, for many homeowners it is optional. Most home warranties are one-year service contracts that cover repairs and/or replacement of major home appliances and systems that can include refrigerators, washers and dryers, and air conditioning and heating systems. Along with the cost for the warranty there is usually an additional service fee each time a service provider is called to examine a problem with a covered appliance or system.

As with any major purchase it is important to carefully consider the cost of the home warranty against what you would typically pay for repairs and replacement for the appliances and systems it covers. Additionally, it is very important to research home warranty companies and should you decide to purchase a warranty for your home to carefully read all the documents provided to you to make sure that the coverage meets your needs and expectations.

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