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Skip-a-pay is now available at no cost, to help you out, during these difficult times.

Until further notice we will allow you to submit a request (prior to your due date) through online banking to skip your monthly payment.  Due to the current circumstances, we will not be limiting the number of skip-a-payments to 2 per year or requiring 3 payments in between uses as stated in our existing policy. To submit a skip-a-payment request, simply log-in to Online Banking and follow the instructions below.  If you do not have Online Banking, please contact our Member Service Center for assistance at 1-800-351-1670.

If you've been financially impacted by this pandemic, our staff is prepared to discuss options and help guide you.  Now, more than ever, we are here to support members like you. Visit our page on Covid-19 updates to learn what else FirstLight can do to help you during this time.

Skip-a-payment is available at any time, all year round!

You may skip a payment on any qualifying loan twice within a 12-month period, with a minimum of three (3) consecutive payments between uses.

To submit a FirstLight skip-a-payment request, simply log-in to Online Banking, select the “Additional Services” tab and click on  “Skip a Payment” to choose the qualifying loan and follow the prompts.

Skip-a-pay in Online Banking

To qualify, skip-a-pay participation requires:

• Membership in good standing;
• Current on all loan payments;
• First skip cannot occur until 6 months after initial loan funding;
• Qualifying Auto Loan or Signature Loan;
• Must be at least 18 years of age;
• All joint account holders must meet the same criteria as the primary account holder; and
• Must have the Skip-a-Pay fee amount available in account share(s).


Skip-a-Pay is limited to two (2) skipped payments, within 12 months, with a minimum of three (3) consecutive payments between uses. FirstLight Federal Credit Union (FLFCU) reserves the right to refuse any Skip-a-Pay request, cancel, or modify this program at any time.

If your loan has an automatic payment transfer feature and you skip a payment, we will do one of the following depending on the type of transfer you have:

  1. If you went into online banking and set up an automatic transfer to pay your loan from your savings or checking account, you will need to cancel your automatic transfer and set it up again with the new date.

  2. If a FirstLight employee set up an automatic transfer from your checking or savings account, we will not process a payment transfer until the next (new) due date on your loan.

  3. If FirstLight generates an ACH (Automatic Clearing House) transfer from your account at another financial institution, we will advance the next transfer date one month forward.

  4. If you have an ACH (Automatic Clearing House) transfer agreement at another financial institution, you will need to notify that financial institution to stop the ACH withdrawal; and inquire for details on reinstating the electronic payment after the skipped month. Failure to do so may result in the payment to be processed as scheduled. FirstLight is not responsible for starting or stopping ACH transactions originated at another financial institution or for any fees that may be incurred for overdrawn accounts or late payment fees assessed.

The following loan types do NOT qualify for the program: Mortgage, Business, Title, Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Shared Secured, and Share Certificate Secured, and loans that are modified for financial hardship do not qualify for this service. If you are a debtor in any pending Bankruptcy proceeding, contact FLFCU for further information at (800) 351-1670.

Interest and insurance (life and disability) premiums will continue to accrue during the period when no payment is made. Skipping a payment will extend the loan’s maturity date. 
A fee of $0.00, per loan, per Skip-a-Pay request, will be assessed and debited from your Share (Savings) or Share Draft (Checking) account.

Skipped payments may not be covered by debt cancellation, GAP, or credit insurance products.