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Why doesn’t my browser open the link?
Microsoft Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the only browsers compatible with Video Banking. You will need to open the link in one of those browsers.

Why is the representative unable to hear or see me?
Make sure you have given Video Banking permission to access the microphone and the camera while using the application. You can do this in the settings menu. Follow the steps to check your setup before beginning the call.

Can Business Members use Video Banking?

Currently this platform is only available for our Consumer Accounts, but we hope to expand our area of service in the future.

Can I make deposits using Video Banking?
Video Banking does not support mobile deposits. For this service, please use our mobile deposit service within online banking.

How will FirstLight ensure security during this process?
All representatives will follow strict security and privacy procedures as determined by the credit union in order to protect your account and identity.

While using Video Banking I was prompted to install an extension in Chrome, why?
In order to utilize some of the features within video banking, the extension must be installed. You will receive a prompt from Chrome if this is needed or it can be found here.