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Hazard Insurance: Insurance to protect the homeowner against physical damage to a property from fire, wind, vandalism and other hazards.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC): A type of home equity loan that allows the homeowner to access the loan money with checks or a credit card as needed.

Home Equity Loan: A loan based on the difference of the amount of equity paid on a home and the home’s current market value.

Homeowners Association: A group of homeowners within a defined community, neighborhood or complex who make decisions, pay to maintain and repair land and common areas and/or enforce community rules and covenants.

Homeowners Insurance: An insurance policy on a house and its contents that combines liability coverage and hazard insurance.

Home Warranty: A guarantee for certain features of a new home, such as the materials, workmanship and main components.

Home Inspection: A professional opinion of the structural soundness of a property.

Housing Ratio: The maximum percentage of a borrower’s gross monthly income that can be used to make the monthly mortgage payments. Also called “front-end ratio.”

Interest Rate Lock-In: A written guarantee that a buyer will receive a specified interest rate from a lender, provided the loan closes within a set period of time.

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