Online Banking

Online BankingFirstLight Federal Credit Union is built around you and your needs, which is why we offer the convenience of online banking! FirstLight’s closest branch is now at your fingertips! Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on vacation, you can access your finances and accounts worldwide! Traditional banking is all about bricks-and-mortar and driving to the bank – but at FirstLight, we want you to move beyond banking!
You can connect with your accounts through your personal computer, and by using your account number and password. Once accessed, you can use online banking to do many different things…
-         Viewing your account balance and transaction history
-         Set up balance and activity alerts
-         Applying for a loan
-         Monitoring cleared checks and withdrawals
-         Inquiring about share certificate maturity and dividend payments
-         Ordering check withdrawals, copies of canceled checks, or ordering new checks
-         Transferring funds to another account, or another member’s account
-         Checking on current loan and dividend rates
-         Update security settings
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Online Banking demo videos:

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 Search bar  View
 Account Summary      View
 Alerts (set up)  View  
 Transaction History      View
 Transfers  View

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