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Falcon Security

FirstLight Federal Credit Union uses a third party vendor to monitor for possible fraud using the Falcon Fraud Detection System. Falcon uses the most advanced neural network technology to examine real-time, incoming credit and signature debit authorizations for potential fraud. Using transaction, payment and other variables, in addition to “learned” individual cardholder behavior patterns, Falcon analyzes each authorization to determine the likelihood of fraudulent activity.

The Falcon Fraud System detects abnormal transactions at the point of sale, and responds instantly with an authorization decision based on a custom strategy. The Falcon Fraud System then proactively alerts the Fraud Detection Work Center. There, a representative will review the transaction and determine the appropriate course of action. The representative will take action by reviewing the account to determine if contacting the member is necessary. If an outbound call is necessary, a representative will not ask for any personal information such as date of birth or mother’s maiden name. If the account has valid activity and the card is in the member’s possession, then the account will be left active/open. If the account is being used fraudulently, we can minimize additional activity from occurring by canceling that account. If a representative is unable to contact the member by phone, they will restrict/block the account until activity is verified. If you are not available to receive the fraud representatives’ call, you will receive instructions to call 1-888-918-7313 or (727) 299-2449 to verify activity. When you return the call, the fraud representative may ask you for the following:

  • Last four digits of the Social Security Number must be verified
  • The month and year of birth must be verified (can be the account's primary or secondary cardholder birth date.)
  • Zip code
  • Other cardholder's name (if applicable)
  • Mother's maiden name or password
  • Last payment amount (if credit card)
  • Previous charge on statements

As an added layer of fraud protection you may receive a second phone call if the suspicious activity is PIN related. If you are not available to receive the Card Services Representatives call, you will receive instructions to call 800-351-1670 toll free or (915) 562-1172 if you are in El Paso, TX to verify the information.

By detecting fraud early, the potential of continued fraud is greatly reduced. So, if you receive a call asking about purchases made with your FirstLight Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum credit card, Visa Debit or ATM, please take a moment to talk to our fraud representative to verify your activity.