VISA Check Card


FirstLight Federal Credit Union’s VISA Check Card puts the convenience of a credit card with the security of a check all in one place- your wallet!   Our check card works just like a check by withdrawing funds from your checking account but can be swiped through the credit card machine in the checkout lane- anywhere VISA is accepted!  It can also be used as an ATM card to withdraw cash!

Our VISA check card also offers even more benefits!

•    Allows you to get cash back at many major retailers
•    Accepted by two million merchants worldwide
•    Gives easy access to your checking account, no checks needed
•    Limits the cash you need to carry
•    Shows itemized transactions on your monthly checking account statement, so you have a record of the date, merchant, and amount of each transaction
•    Includes your picture and signature on the card for added security

Get yours today by coming to any branch in El Paso or Las Cruces or by calling (915) 562-1172 in El Paso,  (575)526-4401 in Las Cruces, or toll free (800) 351-1670.

* A Checking Account must be opened prior to applying for this card.
** Subject to credit approval

Important Numbers

Cardholder Services

Lost/Stolen Check Card or to Dispute Transaction(s)


Falcon Security Phone Call
1-800-918-7313 or 1-727-299-2449

Visa Credit/Check Card Dispute Form