Protect Yourself From Smishing-Text Message Scam

March 30, 2018
Protect Yourself From Smishing-Text Message Scam
Credit unions across the country are reporting that their members are receiving unsolicited text messages. It is an attempt at Smishing, the latest form of phishing. In Smishing, an e-mail tries to lure a recipient into giving personal information via SMS (text), the communications protocol used to send text messages to a wireless device. The recent scam is targeting credit unions and other financial institution members.

In smishing, the members receive a text message via cell phone warning that their bank account has been closed due to suspicious activity. It then tells them they need to call a certain phone number to reactivate the account. Unsuspecting callers who dial the number provided in the text message will be taken to an automated voice mailbox that prompts them to key in their credit card or debit card number, expiration date, and PIN to verify their information.

If you have a question concerning your account or credit/debit card, contact FirstLight Federal Credit Union at 1-800-351-1670.

Helpful Recommendations:

• Be wary of any message received from an unknown sender. 
• Do not open unsolicited e-mails or text messages. 
• Do not click on any links provided in unsolicited e-mails 
• Don’t display your wireless phone number or e-mail address in public. This includes newsgroups, chat rooms, Web sites, or membership directories. 
• If you open an unwanted message, send a stop or opt out message in response. 
• Check the privacy policy when submitting your wireless phone number or e-mail address to any Web site. Find out if the policy allows the company to sell your information. 
• Contact your wireless or Internet service provider about unwanted messages.

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