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Remote Learning for K-12

April 9, 2020
Remote Learning for K-12
To help our members who are balancing work, childcare, and taking on the role of teaching, the FirstLight Community Foundation is thrilled to be able to offer you access to a library of 20+ digital courses for students in grades K-12. These courses cover critical topics including financial education, mental wellness, prescription drug safety, compassion, digital wellness, and more.

The FirstLight Community Foundation has partnered with Everfi, a global education technology leader, to provide Brighter U, to students in our El Paso and Las Cruces and as part of our community engagement efforts.

EVERFI traditionally implements these K-12 courses in a classroom setting, but in response to the extended shutdown of our nation’s schools, we have partnered with them to provide parents and students with direct access for a limited time.

Topics Covered
  • Financial Education
  • Mental Wellness
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Early Literacy
  • STEM
  • Prescription Drug Safety
  • And more!
  • Parents, to get started visit: 
Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use these digital lessons?  

The K-12 Family Portal features a library of courses for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Though EVERFI’s resources are typically leveraged in the classroom, EVERFI and our partners want to ensure that K-12 students also have access to these resources at home during these widespread school closures.

Can I share this resource with friends and colleagues outside my organization?

Yes, during this time of school closures across the US, the Family Portal is available to all. You are welcome to share this resource with colleagues, customers, business partners, and the general public.

This library of 20+ courses is a lot.  Where should I start?

During this time of uncertainty, we suggest courses that support students’ emotional wellbeing. For elementary school students, we have the Compassion Project. For middle and high school students, we offer Mental Wellness Basics.

I can’t find my child’s school and am having difficulty accessing the lessons.

Please visit or email to submit a help request. The EVERFI team will respond to these requests as quickly as possible.